Thematic review on the formation of lipid rafts
Lipid rafts review.pdf
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Article describing the neutralization of amyloid pores by the chimeric Alzheimer/Parkinson peptide (now called AmyP53)
BBADIS 2016.pdf
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Why rats don't get Alzheimer's disease
No pore, no disease... This artice is a companion article of BBADIS 2016.
Rat vs Human Abeta peptide.pdf
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Brain lipids in synaptic function and neurological disease (Flyer)
Flyer Brain Lipids textbook.pdf
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Lipid rafts and artificial intelligence (by Ron Wallace, University of Central Florida)
For young scientists who would like to go several steps beyond current scientific knowlege...
r wallace 2010.pdf
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Examples of CH-Pi stacking between cholesterol and aromatic residues
From: Nishio M, Umezawa Y, Fantini J, Weiss MS, Chakrabarti P.
CH-π hydrogen bonds in biological macromolecules.
Phys Chem Chem Phys. 2014 Jul 7;16(25):12648-83.
Chol_protein CH-Pi stacking.pdf
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CH–Pi hydrogen bonds in biological macromolecules
by Motohiro Nishio, Yoji Umezawa, Jacques Fantini, Manfred S. Weiss and
Pinak Chakrabarti (Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys., 2014, 16, 12648-12683)
PPCP 2014.pdf
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The OH-Pi bond between ganglioside GM3 and alpha-synuclein
From: Fantini J, Yahi N.
The driving force of alpha-synuclein insertion and amyloid channel formation in the plasma membrane of neural cells: key role of ganglioside- and cholesterol-binding domains.
Adv Exp Med Biol. 2013;991:15-26
OH_Pi calculations.pdf
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Amyloid pore: AFM image (on the right) vs. molecular dynamics simulations (on the left).
Discovery of the mirror code of cholesterol
A collaborative study between Jacques Fantini and Coralie Di Scala (Marseille, France), Luke S. Evans and Philip T.F. Williamson (Southampton, UK) Francisco J. Barrantes (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Mirror code.jpg
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UE La Biologie en Marche
TD sur le thème Rétrovirus et Coronavirus
TD UE La Biologie en Marche 2020.pdf
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UE Diabètes
Diaporama Insuline Glucagon récepteurs.p
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UE Diabètes
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Cours du 19/02/2020
Diaporama Réplication Prions-ADN-Chromat
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UE La Biologie en Marche
TP Génomique et Bioinformatique
Il est recommandé de faire tous les exercices avant les séances de TP.
Génomique et Bioinformatique2020DEF.pdf
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